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Rusco Packaging New and Used Equipment

Rusco Packaging offers the finest packaging equipment manufacturers in the World. We have the capacity to meet packaging lines' ever changing requirements by featuring brands such as Lantech, Signode, Fromm, Polychem, Mosca, Leibinger, Texwrap, Eastey, Better Packages, Pregis Inflatable Packaging, Pregis Intellipack Foam-in-Place, Storopack Air Pillow Protective Packaging, and Storopack Paper Protective Packaging.

Rusco Packaging is a leading full service distributor of equipment across the Southwest. With operations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, Rusco Packaging can help your packaging line needs from single machine placement to integrated packaging systems and implementation.

Equipment and Tool Financing

For new equipment or tools, Rusco Packaging offers third party equipment leasing options through American Packaging Capital Inc. If you are interested in Equipment and Tool Financing then please click the following link to begin the process. Equipment Financing

Used Equipment

Rusco Packaging, Inc. also offers used equipment, either reconditioned or in "as is" condition. When available, the used equipment is offered on a first come first served basis.


Contact Rusco Packaging at 1-800-678-5154 or by email for questions concerning packaging line equipment

Listed below is quick links to equipment literature

Equipment Literature

Listed by Manufacturer

Texwrap Logo

Texwrap Shrinkwrappers
L-Bar Sealers Continuous Motion Vertical Wrapping Shrink Tunnels

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Signode Logo

Signode Plastic Strapping Systems
Signode Bottom Seal Signode Side Seal Signode Horizontal
Singode Battery Powered Steel Strapping Tools

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Fromm Logo0

Fromm Plastic Strapping Systems
Fromm Semi Automatic Fromm Auto Vertical Fromm Auto Side Seal Fromm Auto Horizontal Fromm Strapping Heads
Battery Powered Poly & Polyester Strapping Tools
Fromm P327
Fromm P330
Fromm P331

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Polychem Logo

Polychem Plastic Strapping Systems
Polychem Auto Offline Polychem Corrugated Polychem Can and Bottle Polychem Strapping Heads
  • TR14
  • TR14HD
  • TR18
  • TH19HT

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Mosca Logo

Mosca Plastic Strapping Systems
Mosca Auto Offline Mosca Auto Inline

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Teknika Logo

Teknika Strapping Systems
Teknika Steel Strapping Tools Teknika Cord Strapping Tools
Teknika PET Strapping Tools Teknika PP Strapping Tools

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Pregis Logo

Pregis Protective Packaging Systems
Pregis AIRspeed® Pregis Intellipack

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Storopack Logo

Storopack Protective Packaging Systems
Storopack Air Pillow Storopack Paper

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