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Storopack PAPERplus®

PAPERplus® from Storopack offers a variety of systems that transform paper rolls into packaging material for any application from speedy light-weight filler to strong cushioning pads. Whether you're packing small, medium-sized, large, or heavy industrial items, there is a PAPERplus® product that is an efficient and economical solution for your packaging needs.

Storopack offers three types of paper padding: PAPERplus® Classic, PAPERplus® Shooter, and PAPERplus® Chevron. Select the Equipment Catalog below for detail information on the Storopack Protective Packaging Equipment.

PAPERplus® Classic PAPERplus® Shooter PAPERplus® Chevron
Description: PAPERplus® Classic is used for heavy weight products. The dense, multi-layered paper mattress provides the padding strength and durability to stabilize heavy objects. PAPERplus® Classic is resistant to tearing. The paper mattress is firm and can be easily formed to work with different types of packing methods The PAPERPlus® Shooter is a protective packaging solution for filling voids above the products (top-fill). The void-fill is shot at a high speed directly on top of the product in the carton. The PAPERplus® Shooter created multi-layer void-fill by folding and pleating one-ply paper. This typ of cushioning is suitable for light-weight products. PAPERplus® Chevron paper pads use minimal paper for fillig voides in packages. This system is extremely efficient due to the large volume of the pleated paper tubes. The cushioning effect of the pleated tube also provides excellent padding for medium-weight products. Chevron's pleated paper tubes are flexible-making them easy to handle for all kinds of packing techniques. They are perforated every 4 inches for easy separation. Air and paper are a clever combination to create a lightweight protective packaging.
  • Cushion
  • Blck and Brace
  • Void-Fill
  • Void-Fill
  • Block and brace
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