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Welcome to Rusco Packaging

We know that during these hard times companies are doing their best to adapt to new manufacturing and keeping their operations and employees working.

Rusco Packaging is here to help! We have many types of equipment in stock for those that want to convert their operations to making, bagging and shipping masks, shields or protective medical gear.

Systems Ready and Available

Shrink Equipment ‑ We have systems in stock ready and capable of packaging healthcare industry protective masks up to 110 per minute, and medical uniforms and gowns.

Packaging Baggers ‑ Our Automated Bagging Equipment allows you to package single or multipacks at great speeds.

Manual Sealers ‑ PT Med / Contimed / Med Pac / Validatable Medical Pouch, Band Sealers.

Cohesive Systems ‑ A versatile solution to create a package or wrap around any product. Eliminates the need for hand packaging boxes, envelopes, mailers or bags. Easy customer disposable and recyclable.

Leibinger Ink Printer Systems ‑ Perfect for coding or marking COVID-19 Tests Kits.


We can supply Pre-Open Bags, Boxes, Bags-on-Roll, Labels (ASE255), Shrink films, Bundling Films, Tampered proof packaging for COVID-19 testing kits, E-commerce, Food Safety.

Pre Open Bags-on-Roll ‑ perfect for surgical gloves, masks.

Gamma Patient Bags (designed for Gamma Irradiation). Applications: Syringes, Surgical Gloves, Any Application where sterilization is required.

Dedicated Team at Your Service

By Partnering with Rusco Packaging you will get more than just a territory manager, you get a well-trained team. Our customer service and inside sales representatives focus on specific industries and customers. You will always have a knowledgeable person at your fingertips.

Our operations and purchasing department have over 25 years of experience in supply chain management and logistics.

When you call Rusco Packaging you will always talk to a person. The owner of Rusco Packaging does not believe in using recorded answering services at the Rusco offices unless necessary.